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Polka's style is familiar to many. Since 2002 the design office and brand of Kristiina Haapalainen and Sami Vähä-Aho has been designing printed products for their own collection and has have collaborative projects with various companies.

Polka was born originally from our need to create a platform for our creative work. Work by hand is the most natural way to work for us. Drawing, painting and collage technique are the beginning and inspiration for every collection and design assignments for our customers.

At the beginning we made the products of our collection ourselves. Today, our products are manufactured in Finland by professionals in various fields. Occasionally we still hand-make limited editions. Local production is a valuable thing for us. Our collection consists mainly of paper products and we use 100% recycled paper.

Our home is Kimito Island in the Turunmaa archipelago. Creative work and daily routines of the company take place in our studio here. In addition to this, we have an office for meetings and for packing orders in an old brick and mortar shop in the center of Turku. There we also arrange sales events from time to time.

We’ve been lucky to collaborate with clients around the world. The Japanese department store Plaza Style, the high quality linen weavers Lapuan Kankurit, our beautiful capital Helsinki, the US department store Target and the Italian organic food company Ecor.

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